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Early Childhood Orthodontic Treatment
in Hollister

Dr. Hsu specializes in sleep medicine and early childhood orthodontic treatments, such as airway expansion. If a child is having trouble sleeping, or exhibiting symptoms of exhaustion, such as manic or low energy throughout the day, it might be related to airway blockage during the night. Dr. Hsu uses simple, custom-made appliances that fit comfortably in the mouth, keeping airways open and changing the shape of the mouth slowly over time.


What kinds of problems require early childhood orthodontics?

Typically, these are patients who are not getting enough oxygen during the night due to constricted or obstructed airways. Dr. Hsu works with patients to determine the source of their sleep issues, and often an orthodontic appliance is the solution.

Is there surgery involved?

The most common surgical treatment is tooth extraction, but Dr. Hsu does not recommend surgery. She uses custom-made appliances and tries to eliminate the need for tooth extraction whenever possible. Expansion is always preferable to extraction, because extraction can reduce the amount of space provided for the tongue, forcing it back over the patient’s airway. That can further disturb the child’s sleep, and the goal is to keep them happy, healthy, and breathing easy!

Does Dr. Hsu do braces as well?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Hsu is not an orthodontist, but she is specially trained to provide orthopedic care that can help address problems before they become more complex. The appliances she works with can help reshape the mouth over time, so braces may no longer be necessary, or the length of time in them can be reduced.